Bloomsbury Liberty of London

Liberty of London Bloomsbury collection of
quilting cottons made into a patchwork belt. 
Very quiet in blog land for quite some time--but not so much in real life. Sewing projects appear with a bit less frequency, although the sewing machine's are piling up.  Two new ones from within the last 6 months:

 I'm so beyond pleased that I found the vintage Bernina Nova 900 pictured first.  Having read many stories about the collectors finding the "dream" machine for mere dollars at a thrift, estate sale, flea market, etc...I've pretty much categorized such an occurrence happening to me along with the idea of winning umpteen millions in a lottery.  BUT it did happen...while killing time wandering around the city waiting for my lovely, teenage daughter at a forensics tournament--I stumbled onto an estate sale.  Yes the skies parted, a glow emitted from it and we became instantly attached.  Literally. I grabbed that baby and clutched it to me like it was the last preserver on the Titanic.  How could everyone else have missed this treasure I cannot fathom, and the estate sale had been in progress for hours before my appearance.

The second machine, a Bernina 550 is not vintage but brand spanking new out of the box.  However its purchase was am I doing the right thing, I really don't need it, I can redecorate the bathroom instead with the cost---kind of agony.  Then there was the agony of deciding if I should spend even MORE and get the embroidery machine.  Well, I'm not that big a fan of machine embroidery, but it seems that you need to have one to be popular in the Bernina forums.  Oh well, love this machine--do I love it more than the Pfaff I already own that has similar features?--no.  They are different and I love them equally.  But the Bernina is new, sparkly new, and the presser feet are awesome as is the free stitch regulator (whoa nelly is that a great feature).  My Pfaff 2048 has a 9 mm stitch width and ya can't beat that IDT for keeping your fabrics from slipping.