Surviving Camera-less

With great excitement, and camera in hand, little nell (almost teenage, we can just call her 'elle) and I journeyed to Washington D.C.,. We went to visit my brother and attend the Crafty Bastards fair in Adams Morgan (not necessarily with that priority in mind:).

A fruitful day at Nordstrom's in Tyson's Corner with 'elle led to a great discovery. The discovery that we can wear the same size boot, if I wear very thin socks. Yeay! That would mean $300 boots are really 150, since we then just buy one pair (trust me, its logical). So that happy afternoon led to a splendid evening in Bethesda, out to dinner and walking about with my little bro, who we'll call 'nth.

Finally Saturday dawns with Crafty Bastards on the horizon.

'nth and 'elle accommodate my early morning charge to see the D.C. sites BEFORE the 10 a.m. Crafty B's start time. Which we accomplish and are at the fair by 9:55 parked and walking in.

As I hoped Crafty B's had wonderful shopping, AWESOME Etsy vendors, and was just a fun, fun vibe. Two hours later, I'm happy, therefore we're all happy. We head back to Bethesda to end our fun little quick trip and go home. While transferring purchases to my car we realize that the camera didn't make the return trip to 'nth's house. My lifeline to the world of e-commerce, nowhere to be found. I swore to my brother that his Bermuda Triangle of a car swallowed it and along with my sunglasses.

Squinting, and dejectedly driving home, hope flickers while pumping gas. Finally, I realize the opportunity at hand. The Canon Eos T2i had been tempting me for a few months..... Once home, smiling, tho still squinting, I quickly order it (Costco).

HOWEVER, during the entire order process up until the final submit payment button, I kept suppressing this feeling that the camera was left at the lovely Insung 's booth (, awesome sewist). Finally just to satisfy my curiosity I email Insung through her shop at Etsy.

Fortunately, or by this time unfortunately, Insung had found the camera and turned it into the folks at the Washington City Paper...bless her and Heather at the paper for going out of their way to reunite the lost camera to its now unfaithful owner. That sweet little point and shoot is now on its way home to me, and will meet its new bigger, and better brother, who took the photo above.

Can't wait for next year's Crafty Bastards fair, to see what I do (and don't) come home with!