Lone Star, in Texas size

A Rustic Star Quilted Throw
A rustic patchwork mashup of prints and colors, the classic Lone Star oversized into a throw quilt.


The Thanksgiving Belt

So, I'm using Liberty of London fabrics to create a belt for Thanksgiving. Pilgrims would have found that ironic I'd imagine.....


This year's harvest

Florals in sun dappled colors, patchworked and quilted into a belt.


Post Holiday Table

The holiday table may still be groaning from the overload of cookies or chipped from a toast too many.  But clearing out the holidays includes brightening up for the dreary months ahead and possibly a cherry bright table runner in traditional Scandinavian folkloric embroidery.


Bloomsbury Liberty of London

Liberty of London Bloomsbury collection of
quilting cottons made into a patchwork belt. 
Very quiet in blog land for quite some time--but not so much in real life. Sewing projects appear with a bit less frequency, although the sewing machine's are piling up.  Two new ones from within the last 6 months:

 I'm so beyond pleased that I found the vintage Bernina Nova 900 pictured first.  Having read many stories about the collectors finding the "dream" machine for mere dollars at a thrift, estate sale, flea market, etc...I've pretty much categorized such an occurrence happening to me along with the idea of winning umpteen millions in a lottery.  BUT it did happen...while killing time wandering around the city waiting for my lovely, teenage daughter at a forensics tournament--I stumbled onto an estate sale.  Yes the skies parted, a glow emitted from it and we became instantly attached.  Literally. I grabbed that baby and clutched it to me like it was the last preserver on the Titanic.  How could everyone else have missed this treasure I cannot fathom, and the estate sale had been in progress for hours before my appearance.

The second machine, a Bernina 550 is not vintage but brand spanking new out of the box.  However its purchase was am I doing the right thing, I really don't need it, I can redecorate the bathroom instead with the cost---kind of agony.  Then there was the agony of deciding if I should spend even MORE and get the embroidery machine.  Well, I'm not that big a fan of machine embroidery, but it seems that you need to have one to be popular in the Bernina forums.  Oh well, love this machine--do I love it more than the Pfaff I already own that has similar features?--no.  They are different and I love them equally.  But the Bernina is new, sparkly new, and the presser feet are awesome as is the free stitch regulator (whoa nelly is that a great feature).  My Pfaff 2048 has a 9 mm stitch width and ya can't beat that IDT for keeping your fabrics from slipping.


Patches of Liberty

For when you can't pick one Liberty of London print, this patchwork belt combines multiple floral prints, classic and modern.  Then my favorite little nod to this iconic fabric, the Union Jack, made from, of course little strips of Liberty.


Natural Runner

Script and linen, for natural Christmas decorating.  The linen is organic, the script printed is cotton, and the table this runner will traipse across is merry!



My latest "find" a rough farmhouse bench, is the perch for this bolster, made with and heavy duty French General towelling, usually seen as runners, or kitchen towels and embroidered cotton ribbon trim (with woven in France cred).

Vintage Sewing Chair

Finally, after 5 years of dithering on what to do with a vintage sewing chair that looked nothing like this to begin with, I bring you my friends this. 

Originally it was dark brown stained maple, with beige vinyl covering the seat (someday I'll remember to do the "before" pic).  I sanded off all the stain, and considered various fabric options, going more the mid-century, Scandinavian Hans Wegner route, but then thought, nah, that won't be much fun for me.  Thus various cans of gray, blue, and pale green paints were mixed in my laboratory studio to come up with the right shade of gray.  And that was much more fun.

Oh that sweet shiny black little number in the foreground, .....oh just a little Featherweight I picked up this past weekend....and it is absolutely perfect.......

A Current Penchant for Scandinavian

Scandinavian Farmhouse Bench
Loooove traditional painted Scandinavian / Gustavian furniture, so I'm tearing it up in the studio painting and reupholstering whatever comes through, little benches and tables, in pale blues, grays, whites, and the occasional ochre.  Perhaps because we're trending fall now, I'm going anti-orange, yellow, brown?

Then of course they end up in the Etsy shop, and I'm sad when they sell.  But happy because I can start over again with another awesome vintage bench.


simmery summer

simmering summer slipping swiftly......

a belt coming soon with whispery wildflowery liberty fabrics...and cinched with a whimsical enameled flowers buckle


For such a fun, exhilarating sport (or so I hear from those who do it well), the amount of gear that needs hauled, and worn is positively daunting. By the time I arrive to the ski lift, attired in the various layers, neck things, ear muffs, hats, goggles, hand warmers, foot toasties, in addition to the long underwear, sweater, liners, pants, jacket--I'm sweaty and d.o.n.e.

But on we go up the lift, and down again only to repeat the process incessantly. Usually the fleecy funnel neck thing has shifted and the frozen metal zipper pull on the jacket whips against my jaw. So the gloves must now be removed (from having been snuggly secured under my jacket cuffs) to adjust the fleece. Which now means the fistful of snow which had adhered to my gloves has gone between the fleece and neck. Time to go inside and reevaluate the day's activities. But through it all, my Tyrolean styled wristlet (similar to the photos above) has a stash of credit cards for the resort's shops, and balm for my rather flushed, exposed skin.


Surviving Camera-less

With great excitement, and camera in hand, little nell (almost teenage, we can just call her 'elle) and I journeyed to Washington D.C.,. We went to visit my brother and attend the Crafty Bastards fair in Adams Morgan (not necessarily with that priority in mind:).

A fruitful day at Nordstrom's in Tyson's Corner with 'elle led to a great discovery. The discovery that we can wear the same size boot, if I wear very thin socks. Yeay! That would mean $300 boots are really 150, since we then just buy one pair (trust me, its logical). So that happy afternoon led to a splendid evening in Bethesda, out to dinner and walking about with my little bro, who we'll call 'nth.

Finally Saturday dawns with Crafty Bastards on the horizon.

'nth and 'elle accommodate my early morning charge to see the D.C. sites BEFORE the 10 a.m. Crafty B's start time. Which we accomplish and are at the fair by 9:55 parked and walking in.

As I hoped Crafty B's had wonderful shopping, AWESOME Etsy vendors, and was just a fun, fun vibe. Two hours later, I'm happy, therefore we're all happy. We head back to Bethesda to end our fun little quick trip and go home. While transferring purchases to my car we realize that the camera didn't make the return trip to 'nth's house. My lifeline to the world of e-commerce, nowhere to be found. I swore to my brother that his Bermuda Triangle of a car swallowed it and along with my sunglasses.

Squinting, and dejectedly driving home, hope flickers while pumping gas. Finally, I realize the opportunity at hand. The Canon Eos T2i had been tempting me for a few months..... Once home, smiling, tho still squinting, I quickly order it (Costco).

HOWEVER, during the entire order process up until the final submit payment button, I kept suppressing this feeling that the camera was left at the lovely Insung 's booth (, awesome sewist). Finally just to satisfy my curiosity I email Insung through her shop at Etsy.

Fortunately, or by this time unfortunately, Insung had found the camera and turned it into the folks at the Washington City Paper...bless her and Heather at the paper for going out of their way to reunite the lost camera to its now unfaithful owner. That sweet little point and shoot is now on its way home to me, and will meet its new bigger, and better brother, who took the photo above.

Can't wait for next year's Crafty Bastards fair, to see what I do (and don't) come home with!